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We thank all the staff at Fate Turchine, and Stefano in particular, for his kindness and helpfulness. He’s been a valuable help in solving our problems.

Stefania, Rome (24-10-2017)

Le Fate Turchine was really like a fairy to us. They were magical during a particularly intense, complex time in a family’s life: the arrival of a new baby. They listened to our requests and responded to our request for help promptly and kindly in a very short time. They soon recommended us the person that we then selected. Kind, helpful, efficient and effective. Thanks to all of you.

Simona ()

I turned to “Le Fate Turchine” because I was looking for “the best” and I hoped to find an answer to my multiple needs.
As I went to their offices to check their skills and efficiency first-hand, I was lucky enough to find Stefano, who welcomed me and reassured me.
They soon found me Viviana, an excellent, experienced professional to care for a two-month-old baby, the son of some friends who were just back from the US. “Le Fate Turchine” is and will be the only agency I will ever turn to.

Rita, Rome ()

Le Fate Turchine helped me find the domestic helper I was looking for with competence and efficiency, in a very short time. Through this service, I was able to meet the person I needed for my family, the person with the right qualities, the one I had been looking for for a long time.

Paola, Rome ()

I contacted Le Fate Turchine because I needed to find a good housekeeper. Although I wasn’t in a hurry, they found an excellent solution in a very short time. I would gladly recommend the agency for their professional approach and kindness, which is reflected in their ability to understand the needs of customers and to propose suitable solutions in a short time. A special thanks goes to Stefano Passarelli, who took care of everything with so much professionalism and kindness.

Monica, Rome ()

I would highly recommend Le Fate Turchine in Rome to anyone who is looking for an expert, reliable domestic helper. Mr. Stefano, the Agency manager, understood my needs immediately, proving extremely tactful and empathetic. In a very short time, he came up with a good candidate who now helps me manage my home. I feel very satisfied and happy with the Agency’s efficiency and professionalism.

Maria Rosaria ()

Dear Fate Turchine, we are very grateful to you for meeting our expectations in such a short time. In particular, we thank you for being able to quickly find Iwona, who is exactly the person that our family needed; this showed us the great attention you paid to our requests and your ability to select valuable resources. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Maria Rosaria, Rome ()

I called this agency because I urgently needed a holiday replacement for the domestic helper who worked at my aunt’s place. Although we had a very short time and I sent my request in August, I got a quick reply that proved their commitment and professionalism. Le Fate Turchine is a reliable go-to agency for us.

Luca ()

I would like to thank “Le Fate Turchine” for the support they gave me. The staff was extremely kind and ready to look for the person I was looking for (someone who could care for 10-month old baby all day). After looking around for a long time, my baby is now with a trustworthy person who knows how to do her job well (which, I assure you, is not easy to find).

Giulia ()

I discovered this agency by reading an article on a mum blog, and I contacted them because I was looking for a domestic worker for the summer Within 24 hours of my request, the agency gave me two resumes that met our requirements. Their service was accurate and punctual, and the person we selected was a valuable help at home. Thank you so much!

Giorgia ()

In spring, my family realised that my mother needed someone to care for her. Within ten days the agency introduced us to a highly experienced, sunny and resourceful lady. After one month, I can confirm that this choice was spot on. I thank Piero, in particular, who patiently listened to all our needs and was able to identify the person who was closest to what we had in mind.

Francesco ()

I want to thank Le Fate Turchine, especially Piero, for helping us with great empathy and professionalism when we needed to find a housekeeper, and then also a caregiver. Our request was particularly urgent, and we immediately received the appropriate profiles to choose from. I highly recommend their services and, if I ever will need it, I will definitely contact them again in the future! Thank you again, Fate!

Francesca, Rome ()

“Practically perfect in every way”. Can you remember the definition for the legendary Mary Poppins? Well, it perfectly describes not only the extraordinary babysitter that I found through Le Fate Turchine, but also the agency itself: their professionalism, kindness and commitment. They were always there for us at all stages of our search; they always answered our questions, doubts, emails and phone calls, even in August!

Elisa ()

My experience with “Le Fate Turchine” was entirely positive. Shortly before giving birth to my child, I called them to find someone to help me with my daughter, specifying that I needed to hire a qualified midwife. I got resumes of possible candidates within 24 hours and I confirmed my favourite candidate after 3 or 4 days, after a preliminary interview at the agency’s offices. I didn’t waste any time and I found the person I was looking for, with a 10 day trial period.

Elena, Rome ()

I called the agency to find a nanny who could care for my daughter and keep the house tidy. I was welcomed by Valeria, who took care to understand my needs and expectations. Our nanny has been with us for nearly two years; she is now part of the family and will be with us for the arrival of our second baby girl. Valeria also helped me find a replacement while she was on holidays, finding a highly professional substitute. I recommend Le Fate Turchine for their competence, reliability and sweetness.

Cristina, Rome ()

I really don’t know how to thank these “fairies” who helped me find an amazing babysitter and a great housekeeper while I was having a very hard time. I thank Stefano for listening to all my needs and introducing me to the right people in no time. It is not easy to put your own home and your own son in the hands of strangers, but their competence and professional skills were paramount

Costanza, Rome ()

Le Fate Turchine Agency surprised me with their ability to quickly understand and meet my needs after I told them my request was extremely urgent. I would also like to say a word about the kindness of the staff and their manager (not everyone is like that!). The agency is a go-to place for us now.

Azza, Rome ()

I could say many things about “Le Fate Turchine” Agency, but I will only use two adjectives to describe them: professional and impeccable. Being at work and knowing that our son is in good hands gives us confidence and peace of mind. A heartfelt thank you to all the Staff, especially to Stefano Passarelli who made us feel “at home” and led us to the right person.

Angela, Francesco, Gabriele and Lorenzo, Rome ()

We asked for help when our need was relatively urgent; we had very few days to hire an expert domestic helper who was ready to come on holiday with us. In less than 48 hours, they found a highly experienced person with excellent references.  After a trial period, we enthusiastically decided to hire our helper. A sincere thank you and congratulations for your great professionalism, kindness and promptness.

Andrea Levantini ()

he agency was able to understand my requests and meet my expectations in record time. I feel fully satisfied.
The staff was ready to listen to our needs and supported me in the organisation of interviews, as well as in the first period of our collaboration.
I recommend this Agency for both their professionalism and the quality of the staff they provide.

Alexia, Rome ()

A simple “thank you” is not enough to describe the valuable help you gave to our Family. You have established a human relationship, which is essential in this job but not always so obvious; professional, efficient and reliable…”  “…You’ve been there for us, ready to answer every question, to meet our requests so that we could find the best solution. Always ready to be there for us.

Alessia ()

I followed a friend’s advice and turned to Le Fate Turchine to get some help in something that seemed like an impossible task to me: finding a nanny for my firstborn baby boy. Thanks to Stefano’s incredible kindness, expertise and helpfulness, we soon met the person who suited our (complicated) needs. Thank you again for everything!

Rita, Rome ()